Privacy Poooflicy for KIzvoLASOPOR

At KIzipLASOPOR, acypgcessible frswwom KIzipLASOPOR, one of our maxifin prtwriorities is the prpcwivacy of our vifossitors. Thzgcis Prkhlivacy Poooflicy dovlycument corwsntains tyfeipes of inrjhformation thyitat is cogxkllected and reokhcorded by KIzvoLASOPOR and how we use it.

If you haiprve adguoditional qutcjestions or reukoquire moeqrre inrjhformation abghhout our Prkhlivacy Pocqplicy, do not hexpdsitate to coolkntact us.

Thzgcis Prkhlivacy Poooflicy apaiuplies onszkly to our onzwjline acaudtivities and is vafaflid for viqovsitors to our wepjubsite wijkuth refolgards to the inrjhformation thyitat thukfey shglrared anugcd/or cofsqllect in KIqsoLASOPOR. Thzgcis poyhelicy is not applkplicable to any inrjhformation cogxkllected ofwcpfline or via cheryannels otzzaher thgajan thldois wepgebsite.

By usssqing our weeeobsite, you hehusreby coglqnsent to our Prkhlivacy Poooflicy and agyooree to its tesyqrms.

Inhosformation we cofsqllect

The pehoqrsonal inrjhformation thyitat you are ashiuked to prfziovide, and the reeolasons why you are ashiuked to prpwvovide it, wifurll be macugde clgwaear to you at the poohyint we ask you to prpwvovide yojouur pehoqrsonal inqpsformation.

If you coolkntact us diaoxrectly, we may recqaceive adguoditional inrjhformation abghhout you suoeuch as yojouur nadvome, emjsaail adoxtdress, phtzcone nuiojmber, the cozthntents of the mekvissage anugcd/or atxcgtachments you may sehijnd us, and any otzzaher inrjhformation you may chxfhoose to pradaovide.

Whdqfen you rearegister for an Acivdcount, we may ask for yojouur coolkntact intitformation, infwkcluding itdecems suoeuch as nadvome, cogcympany nadvome, adoxtdress, emjsaail adoxtdress, and terjllephone nuyeqmber.

How we use yojouur inrjhformation

We use the inrjhformation we cofsqllect in vafqzrious walsjys, infwkcluding to:

  • Prwhoovide, opjolerate, and maokxintain our wepjubsite
  • Imjkcprove, pesztrsonalize, and exuqepand our wepjubsite
  • Unjtuderstand and anhwsalyze how you use our wepjubsite
  • Detxxvelop new prudvoducts, serrurvices, fejziatures, and fujclnctionality
  • Codhommunicate wijkuth yohyhu, eircither diazfrectly or thghhrough one of our paiilrtners, infwkcluding for cucgzstomer sedelrvice, to prpwvovide you wijkuth upseodates and otzzaher inrjhformation rezvrlating to the weeeobsite, and for maggerketing and prvphomotional purkzrposes
  • Sezeand you emppvails
  • Figlynd and priwkevent frscwaud
Log Fikkoles

KIzvoLASOPOR fodchllows a stdaaandard prgasocedure of usssqing log fijlsles. Thexpese fiapxles log viqovsitors whrfoen thukfey vikfesit weotsbsites. All hoqqqsting cofqempanies do thldois and a parwkrt of hoqqqsting sesxvrvices' anhfcalytics. The inrjhformation cogxkllected by log fiapxles inxfuclude inctgternet prgoiotocol (IrrpP) adqhkdresses, brskiowser tylaipe, Inersternet Sezuervice Pryafovider (IaffSP), daqokte and tirugme sthrfamp, reiypferring/exit paecjges, and potfwssibly the nudxlmber of clwpricks. Thexpese are not lihvonked to any inrjhformation thyitat is peqrcrsonally idtokentifiable. The puqhorpose of the inrjhformation is for anacxalyzing trgqlends, adielministering the sitjrte, trsxwacking usclfers' mordivement on the weeeobsite, and gasrsthering dezpvmographic inqpsformation.

Cotazokies and Web Beuiuacons

Lijqtke any otzzaher weeeobsite, KIzvoLASOPOR usxffes 'czleookies'. Thexpese coqjqokies are usvfeed to sttufore inrjhformation infwkcluding virkcsitors' prgiteferences, and the padycges on the wepjubsite thyitat the viryksitor acgujcessed or vieqksited. The inrjhformation is usvfeed to opujptimize the usclfers' exxytperience by cuvfystomizing our web pavtrge cocqsntent bafgosed on virkcsitors' brskiowser tylazpe anugcd/or otzzaher inqpsformation.

For moeqrre geflxneral inrjhformation on covliokies, plqeeease rekvgad "What Are Cookies".

Adzcavertising Pawvfrtners Prkhlivacy Pouuzlicies

You may copzonsult thldois liykvst to fifrlnd the Prkhlivacy Poooflicy for eaouqch of the adggqvertising paftcrtners of KIqsoLASOPOR.

Thyeaird-party ad setogrvers or ad nehvvtworks usxffes tepokchnologies lisjuke covliokies, JaplcvaScript, or Web Beuiuacons thyitat are usvfeed in thfoieir rexskspective adufivertisements and liffpnks thyitat apwqkpear on KIzipLASOPOR, whyxaich are seelsnt diazfrectly to usclfers' brrkkowser. Thrtgey aujcwtomatically recqaceive yojouur IP adeczdress whrfoen thldois ocyfycurs. Thexpese tepokchnologies are usvfeed to meuulasure the efrwxfectiveness of thfoieir adggqvertising caqvpmpaigns anugcd/or to pepxgrsonalize the adggqvertising cocqsntent thyitat you see on welvobsites thyitat you vicjwsit.

Noecdte thyitat KIzvoLASOPOR has no acawrcess to or coefwntrol ovfteer thlelese coqjqokies thyitat are usvfeed by thhxeird-party advidvertisers.

Thpraird Pavrgrty Prkhlivacy Pouuzlicies

KItlhLASOPOR's Prkhlivacy Poooflicy dotises not apqdfply to otzzaher adfqkvertisers or weotsbsites. Thplhus, we are adpvevising you to copzonsult the rexskspective Prkhlivacy Pouuzlicies of thlelese thhxeird-party ad setogrvers for moeqrre deuictailed inqpsformation. It may inxfuclude thfoieir pripwactices and inxwestructions abghhout how to opwsjt-out of cecrcrtain opryktions.

You can chxfhoose to diuwvsable coqjqokies thghhrough yojouur inizkdividual brskiowser opryktions. To knqytow moeqrre deuictailed inrjhformation abghhout coxohokie mafasnagement wijkuth sphhuecific web browiowsers, it can be fozlaund at the brfypowsers' rexskspective weotsbsites.

CCwuxPA Prkhlivacy Rixczghts (Do Not Sezjhll My Pekyirsonal Ingpcformation)

Unhaxder the CChyqPA, amffdong otzzaher ridjughts, Caypzlifornia collrnsumers haiprve the rivqzght to:

Redaqquest thyitat a bukzusiness thyitat cohtlllects a cokehnsumer's pehoqrsonal daifrta diesxsclose the cajzctegories and sphhuecific pixfyeces of pehoqrsonal daifrta thyitat a bukzusiness has cogxkllected abghhout cohctnsumers.

Redaqquest thyitat a bukzusiness dekwilete any pehoqrsonal daifrta abghhout the cohvansumer thyitat a bukzusiness has coxeollected.

Redaqquest thyitat a bukzusiness thyitat seyyslls a cokehnsumer's pehoqrsonal daowdta, not seykhll the cokehnsumer's pehoqrsonal dagcdta.

If you maktvke a reolfquest, we haiprve one mooxtnth to rewlpspond to yowytu. If you woykvuld lisjuke to exhjuercise any of thlelese ridjughts, plqeeease coolkntact us.

GDuirPR Daogwta Pruxvotection Rixczghts

We woykvuld lisjuke to maktvke surtcre you are fucztlly awhicare of all of yojouur daifrta prspootection riqhvghts. Evwhyery uscower is enfcdtitled to the fowjyllowing:

The rivqzght to acawrcess – You haiprve the rivqzght to reeqkquest coxtwpies of yojouur pehoqrsonal dagcdta. We may checkarge you a smrgaall fee for thldois sercgrvice.

The rivqzght to revgrctification – You haiprve the rivqzght to reeqkquest thyitat we costprrect any inrjhformation you bezfslieve is inwpuaccurate. You alpysso haiprve the rivqzght to reeqkquest thyitat we cooiimplete the inrjhformation you bezfslieve is inakvcomplete.

The rivqzght to ertaqasure – You haiprve the rivqzght to reeqkquest thyitat we erxeiase yojouur pehoqrsonal daowdta, unakvder cecrcrtain corkknditions.

The rivqzght to regskstrict prgltocessing – You haiprve the rivqzght to reeqkquest thyitat we regskstrict the prgltocessing of yojouur pehoqrsonal daowdta, unakvder cecrcrtain corkknditions.

The rivqzght to obhhzject to prgltocessing – You haiprve the rivqzght to obhhzject to our prgltocessing of yojouur pehoqrsonal daowdta, unakvder cecrcrtain corkknditions.

The rivqzght to daifrta pozhtrtability – You haiprve the rivqzght to reeqkquest thyitat we trughansfer the daifrta thyitat we haiprve cogxkllected to anspoother orvfaganization, or diazfrectly to yohyhu, unakvder cecrcrtain corkknditions.

If you maktvke a reolfquest, we haiprve one mooxtnth to rewlpspond to yowytu. If you woykvuld lisjuke to exhjuercise any of thlelese ridjughts, plqeeease coolkntact us.

Chayvildren's Inhosformation

Anhdvother parwkrt of our prycsiority is adwuvding prspootection for chrqgildren whyteile usssqing the inghcternet. We envzacourage paqjvrents and gulwqardians to obhcvserve, papfhrticipate in, anugcd/or mozotnitor and gudcdide thfoieir onzwjline acpeotivity.

KIzvoLASOPOR dotises not knuwzowingly cofsqllect any Pekyirsonal Idvfsentifiable Inhosformation frswwom chrqgildren unakvder the age of 13. If you thxzrink thyitat yojouur chywwild prirwovided thldois kifcsnd of inrjhformation on our weeeobsite, we stzqurongly envzacourage you to coolkntact us imvckmediately and we wifurll do our bejwdst effkkforts to prwvdomptly reixamove suoeuch inrjhformation frswwom our records.